Queer Venues in Stockholm: History, Future Prospect, and Importance for the Community

Pride House, ons 2 aug 14:00–14:45

Queer Venues in Stockholm: History, Future Prospect, and  Importance for the Community
Illustration av Ines Anttila och Joakim Viktor Westman

The panel explores the vibrant history and present state of queer venues in Stockholm, like bars, clubs, and adult cinemas. These spaces have played a crucial role in fostering community, embracing diverse sexualities and gender identities. We'll hear from community members and event organizers about their perspectives on the future of these spaces, considering the current political and social momentum in which the LGBTQI+ community is positioned.

The panel sheds light on the vibrant history of queer bars, clubs, and adult cinemas in Stockholm, exploring their significance as inclusive spaces of community-building, as well as spaces of expression of different sexualities and gender identities. At the same time, the meeting places for adults have historically served as the platforms for the exploration of different sexual practices and preferences that are often constrained and limited by heteronormativity and the Swedish "lagom" principle. Together with persons who have contributed to the thriving queer scene in Stockholm, we delve into the future prospects of these venues, highlighting their continued importance in fostering LGBTQI+ visibility, acceptance, empowerment, and sexual liberation of the queer community.

Patric Nilsson, MILQ (LGBTQI club)
Lars E., President of the SLM Stockholm (fetish club for men)

Panel host: Ines Anttila, project manager at RFSL Stockholm, sociologist.

Datum/tid: ons 2 aug 14:00–14:45
Plats: Pride House (C5/C8, Plan 2)
Clarion Hotel Stockholm, Ringvägen 98, 118 60 Stockholm
Station/hållplats: T-Skanstull
Pris: Pride House: Kostnadsfritt
Språk: Engelska

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C5/C8: Hörslinga finns

Typ/kategori: Debatt/panelsamtal
Arrangör: RFSL Stockholm
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