Dyke March Stockholm

A warm welcome to the third edition of Dyke March Stockholm!
This is a demonstration by and for dykes, for all our common rights. Together we take to the streets of Stockholm to create meeting places, celebrate our existence and to take up public space. And remember! This is a demonstration and not a parade! We also want to emphasize that this is a march that is inclusive of transgender and non-binary people, as the march is for ALL dykes. Transphobia is NOT welcome here.

Dyke March Stockholm is a demonstration by and for all dykes in the broadest sense. We choose to use the term "dyke" as an umbrella term which includes a large diversity of people who may all have common experiences and experiences of existing in the world.
This includes but is not limited to lesbian dykes, bisexual dykes, pansexual dykes, dykes who are flator, trans dykes, non-binary dykes, butch dykes, femme dykes, queer dykes, dykes who are unsure if they are dykes, dykes who are dykes in silence, dykes who want to shout that they are dykes from the rooftops.

We in the organizing group are a wonderful mix of all of the above!

If you as a dyke recognize yourself in what we have written here, this is a demonstration for you!
If you are not a dyke and still want to show your support for our rights, you are welcome to stand at the side of the demonstration route or walk behind the demonstration itself to take part in this manifestation, with the understanding that this is a demonstration by and for dykes.
Remember, this is a demonstration and not a parade!

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