Pride Park, Sat 5 Aug 10:40 PM–11:10 PM


We are thrilled to welcome Drömhus to Stockholm Pride!

Over the years, Drömhus has created a musical legacy that has touched fans all over the world. Their timeless hits have captured hearts and created memories that last a lifetime. Having them at Stockholm Pride is a magical opportunity to relive the glory of nostalgia and celebrate their successful music career.

Drömhus will take us on a musical journey through time, where their music will unite people in joy and camaraderie.

Date/time: Sat 5 Aug 10:40 PM–11:10 PM
Location: Östermalms IP (Stora scenen)
Södra Fiskartorpsvägen 2
Metro station/bus stop: T-Stadion
Price: Pride Park: Festivalbiljett 900 kr, Dagbiljett 450 kr Köp biljett
Type/category: Performance/theater/music
Organizer: Stockholm Pride