First Pride Was A Riot

Pride City, Wed 2 Aug 7:00 PM–Thu 3 Aug 1:00 AM

The First Pride was a Riot – Strike a blow for freedom, or take one! Club Wish celebrates Pride Stockholm 25 years for 25 SEK!

Stockholm Pride is celebrating its twenty-five-year anniversary but it was almost twice as long ago that the Stonewall Riots, the symbolic birth of the modern LGBTQ+ movement took place. And we want to celebrate this by embracing rioting, rebellion, transgression in all their expressions - for only 25 SEK for the ticket you buy in advance! Drop the gag… or not! At this party, authority is your plaything. Leave the bricks at home but bring your handcuffs, ropes or just the right tone of voice if that’s all you need. Take the opportunity to play with taboos, try dressing in drag, be extra bratty, reclaim uniforms or perhaps mix in some additional counterculture into your kinky outfit. Be bold with the dresscode! Rainbow outfits are the new black (although, basic black is of course, as always, also welcomed)!

Admission: 7pm-9 pm. OBS the doors close at 9 pm, in order to create a safe space for play. We welcome early arrivals. Minimum age is 18, please bring a valid ID.

Opening hours: 7 pm - 01 am

Advance ticket: SEK 25. This kind of ticket can be purchased up until 7 pm, 30/7. Se instructions below.

At the door: SEK 125. Pay with swish.

All tickets include access to a guarded cloakroom into which you can check your coat and bag. No tickets can be refunded. However, you can give/sell your ticket to a Wish member for the same price as you paid.

To buy a ticket, click the link and fill in the form. We will reply as soon as we can. Each member who wants to buy such a ticket must fill in the form separately, you cannot buy it for someone else.


If you don’t know if you are a member, want to become a member, or renew your membership: send a request in an e-mail to Memberships cost SEK 150 per year. You can also become a member and buy a ticket at the door, but if you are not part of Wish’s target group you will be denied membership and entrance. If you don’t know if you are part of Wish’s target group, read more at and/or e-mail to discuss it.

Dress Code is basic black, but during Wish's Pride Party you are encouraged to be bold! Including rainbow outfits and uniforms.

Phones can only be used in the entrance, by the cloak room. We recommend that you check it together with your jacket and bag. You may bring what you need for play into the club, the rest should be checked.

There is a bar on the top/ground floor. The bar only takes Swish! Bringing your own food, snacks or drinks is not allowed.

You can change into your kinky outfit and shine it on spot. There is also one social area, one dark room and a play- and rope room. In the changing area there are couches for landing, blankets and pillows. In dark room and the play room there are stations with lube, gloves, disinfectant, condoms and paper towels. We ask you to keep the area for social community, the changing room and the restrooms free from play and sex, and to only go into the dark room and the play room if you have the intention of playing or having sex (watching counts as play, while chatting with a friend doesn't). Be careful with where you place glasses and bottles during play and sex and take them with you when you leave the room.

There will be ropes, rope carpets, rope knifes, and a cross – anything else you like to play with, please bring it yourself.

Help out! Your mommy or daddy may be in place but they are busy! Carry your empty glass back to the bar, and clean up after sex and play!

There will be at least two persons from the board (or appointed by the board) who are responsible for the safety throughout the night. These persons are easy to recognize on their armbinds saying “Wish Crew”. One of them can always be found by the cloak room where there is also a first aid kit, blankets and pillows. All guests are encouraged to read our Policy for safety and security before coming to Wish. You find it under "Rules and Safety" at

There are 3 restrooms and 1 shower. For questions about availability, please e-mail

We rent the place from a cis-man and he will be upstairs in his office during the party due to license. He will not be moving around in the premises. There will also be one-two women who are not Wish-members working at the bar, and in the bar only.

Are you new and don't know anyone? Just e-mail, and we'll take care of you. You can also come to the cloak room or find a "person with an arm bind saying "Wish Crew" if you have questions or want to talk to someone:)

1.All photography is forbidden, and what happens at the club stays at the club.
2.All participation in any kind of activities is completely voluntary.
3.Safe word Red is always respected.
4.Be moderate with alcohol.
5.Follow the dresscode.
6.Visitors show mutual respect towards each other and do not comment or disturb the activities of others, borrow someone else’s toys without consent, etc.
7.Visitors are responsible for making sure that they have sufficient knowledge to securely perform the activities they want to engage in and to tidy up after themselves.
8.It is not allowed to express sexist, racist, homophobic and/or transphobic opinions, nor to carry political symbols that may be considered disturbing or triggering.
9.Wish has the right to interrupt and abort play that can be considered irresponsible, dangerous, or involuntary.
10.Wish has the right to direct play that may be considered dangerous or triggering to a specific space in the premises.
11.Wish has the right to reject persons in case they are intoxicated, disturbing, or do not act according to the association’s rules. In any such case, a person’s membership can be withdrawn.

Date/time: Wed 2 Aug 7:00 PM–Thu 3 Aug 1:00 AM
Location: Hornstull
Price: Förköp: 25:- I dörren: 125:-

Hornstull: The venue has stairs

Type/category: Party
Organizer: Club Wish
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