Sex Workers in Sweden: Perspectives, Support, and Well-being

Pride House, Wed 2 Aug 12:00 PM–12:45 PM

 Sex Workers in Sweden: Perspectives, Support, and Well-being
Illustration av Ines Anttila och Joakim Viktor Westman

The panel discusses the concrete activities, undertakings, and programs that both governmental and non-governmental units/organizations offer to persons engaged in sex for compensation in Sweden. Consequently, the panel participation is open for both persons who have first-hand experience with sex for compensation, as well as persons who work with the target group.

This panel is positioned not just as a platform for care/assistance providers to reflect on potential challenges in reaching out and providing adequate support for the persons engaged in sex for compensation, but also for persons with current or past sex work experience to express their needs and demands that they have a right on as human beings entitled to proper healthcare, good treatment, and risk prevention.

RFSL Stockholm's project Sexperterna as the panel organizer aims to undertake this panel with importance and treat it as a foundation for the upcoming Sexual Health Conference (5-6 October 2023) that has sex work as its main focus.

Cia Wrangebo, counselor Venhälsan (reception unit at Södersjukhuset)
Kira, Ruby, and Luna, Red Umbrella Sweden (Swedish Community and Advocacy for Sex Workers)
Melica Amina, adult context maker & performance artist
Bella (Ms. K), Kurdish trans activist & DJ artist
Maria Tillquist, counselor RFSL’s Support Service

Panel host: Ines Anttila, project manager Sexperterna-Sexwork and Sexperterna-Chemsafe, sociologist.

Date/time: Wed 2 Aug 12:00 PM–12:45 PM
Location: Pride House (C9, Plan 2)
Clarion Hotel Stockholm, Ringvägen 98, 118 60 Stockholm
Metro station/bus stop: T-Skanstull
Price: Pride House: Kostnadsfritt
Language: English
Type/category: Debate/panel discussion
Organizer: RFSL Stockholm
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