Spanking med Sir J

Pride Kinky, Fri 2 Aug 9:00 PM

Spanking med Sir J

Choose the right tool for the right purpose, put your partner in the right position, and hit the right spot!

Learn about different styles, preferences and purposes of giving an erotic spanking. Find out how you can explore limits and desires, pay attention to safety, and choose the right level of intimacy. This session is provided by SLM Stockholm and many of the examples are from a male-on-male perspective. Most of the content is, however, relevant regardless of gender identification.

Date/time: Fri 2 Aug 9:00 PM
Location: Pride Park (Pride Kinky, Tältet)
Östermalms IP, Södra Fiskartorpsvägen 2
Metro station/bus stop: T-Stadion
Price: Pride Park: Festivalbiljett 900 kr, Dagbiljett 450 kr Köp biljett

Pride Park: Pride Park is located on a sports field. Part of the ground surface is covered with a relatively smooth floor. At the edges of the floor, there are strips that facilitate wheelchair access. The remaining area of the field is covered with artificial grass.
The dining areas and exhibitor tents (with companies, authorities, and organizations) in Pride Park have flooring.
Powered wheelchairs must be driven at low speed because there are cooling coils under the artificial grass that are sensitive to significant stress.
Cables and similar items laid on the ground have cable channels that can be crossed over.
A number of accessible toilets are available in Pride Park. Codes for their locks can be obtained from visitor services, which are located both inside Pride Park and outside, at the ticket booths.

Type/category: Lecture/education/information
Organizer: Stockholm Pride